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Abimbola is the super lightweight bag designed for stealth transporting the bicycle on high-speed trains and long distance buses at no extra charge, or simply in the back of a car (it's not suited for air travel since there's no padding – we give no guarantee for that even if there were clients who have successfully used this bag in airplane cargo hold!). Both wheels should be taken off before placing the bike in the bag and the whole packing and unpacking procedure takes 3-5 minutes. The bag is very durable - we use weatherproof and rip-stop fabrics, with discrete hi-viz elements. One front pocket is big enough for your helmet or other stuff that you want to off-load while on board. 

Currently we offer 2 versionssupercompact and compact

Colors available are various, we don't keep fixed stock and rotate them rather often.  


We recommend this version to ultra-cyclists and true adventurers traveling with bare minimum when every gram and extra volume counts. Folded bag fits in jersey pocket (if you don't wear XS jersey while riding XL bicycle) or bottle cage and then is used after the ride to pack the bike to return home with some motored transport. Or before the ride to reach the starting point! Or both!


More durable and a bit heavier fabric.

Generally advised for CX, gravel and MTB due to their higher weight/size. When folded must be transported in some kind of bag/backpack (or can be strapped to the bike or bikepacking rig). 




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